Theatre photography

Remember how we all had that childhood theater wanna be! Or when we all were so glued to the best Disney Movie “ High School Musical”. What makes a musical so attractive?! Who doesn’t love Music, theater, Acts? But how does one showcase it? Capturing the right moment is not that easy, especially when you have to get the perfect shot without disregarding the audience view. Yet a shutter flying shot is what we all need. So here are few tips that can game up your theater photography.

  • Consistently shoot striking

It is mandatory to take a consistent shot. The warmth of the room should match each and every image that’s being shot by you. Make sure that the lighting is what you prefer. A contrast of bright lights to dark room temperature won’t please anyone at a glance unless and until you owe them a detailed explanation. It’s better to have the technical skills to adapt to the demands of quick and dramatic lighting changes, and this should allow you to reliably produce striking, creative images suitable for glossy production brochures, show posters or press promotions.

  • Anticipate key dramatic moments

Do some homework before the show. Be prepared to attend it like an expert instead as a photographer. Since you want to know it as it is your show. By the time you get the hunch of what you are called in to shoot, you might miss the most anticipate dramatic shot. So know the key scenes or anticipate it. Be prepared thoroughly or else you might miss the main shot of the whole show.

  • Get your gear prepared

This is my one constant advice to every photographer out there, As I have seen a bunch of photographers without any backup on their main trek. I mean hey, didn’t you know that a battery can dry out or the lens might freak out? Technology can be a pain, so better be ready or else you might lose that one perfect show and additionally getting kicked out.